Are You Targeting the Right Travel Customers?

Using data to improve travel bookings

The consumer shift to online services and mobile applications for booking travel opportunities gives companies in the tourism sector the opportunity to better target potential customers.

By collecting, managing, and analyzing high-quality data, companies can better understand customers and guests on an individual level. This leads to more finely targeted marketing efforts and personalized communications and recommendations, which can pay off in increased bookings.

Collecting the Right Kind of Data

But being able to leverage Big Data analysis to pinpoint the right kind of customers requires both creative insights and technical know-how. In “Powered by data, driven by people: The travel sector’s future,” Harry Bowcott writes that it’s not enough for travel companies to mindlessly crunch massive amounts of data in the search for customers. They have to be very mindful of what information is actually important:

Personalization is about understanding which data helps you to personalize your offering meaningfully. If you interact with a holiday company once a year, it doesn’t learn enough about you to personalize in a sophisticated way. It’s much more important to think about the data “wake” behind you. Are you booking on your own or with kids? How far in advance? What else are you searching for? What’s your zip code? These will help a company target its value proposition much more effectively than it would if it knew only what you did last summer.

Hyper-Personalizing the Travel Experience

Improving travel bookings also requires tourism companies to be able to fine-tune their offerings to appeal to individual consumer tastes. In the growing Experience Economy, consumers are looking for individualized experiences that take them off the beaten path and outside traditional tourist offerings.

Travel companies have to be able to leverage data to target the right kind of customers and provide hyper-personalized guest experiences. LMS can help companies succeed by gathering and analyzing detailed customer data through microservice solutions. Want to learn more? Reach out to us today at [email protected].


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